Every customer does have his/her own preferences for a product. Flexibility to satisfy across all dimensions is very important in today's global market. Analysing the market trend and providing Product line suiting to it has been our primary task. Identifying the right supplier base is always a key concern for any customer. Sitting right at the base of manufacturing we take this risk away from you, by proposing right suppliers based on their product strength and infrastructure.


Factory Audits/Evaluations are conducted to check the production capacity and the infrastructure of the chosen vendors. This audit is increasingly becoming important in the Indian context due to the linked problem of child labour, social welfare norms, pollution problems etc. The evaluation of the supplier's factory plays a vital role in contributing to the end product. We make sure that the factory has adequate resources and man power to complete the production and meet with buyer's quality standards.


We help you put together an effective strategy to develop your concept into a fully fledged product. We are experienced in handling products made out of pure Cotton, Organic cotton, Polyester, blend of polyester/cotton, Bamboo and various finishes viz., Cold pigment dyeing, Garment dyeing, Acid wash, Enzyme wash, Dip dye etc., As this is an important stage of evolution, we put our best efforts to realize the product in a better way to move onto the next step.


Execution is always a challenging task for any organisation unless it has been pre-planned well. Planning is an important factor when it comes to processing of an order, failing which the circumstances turn out on the other way. We believe in Precise and transparent communications between our customers and suppliers to ensure a smooth run at all stages. Constant follow up with supplier base and updating of real-time status to customers helps gain more confident.


In today's market place, offering a product at a very competitive price does not make a deal, unless it is wrapped with genuine Quality. Implementation of strict Quality control systems at regular intervals would ensure the finality of the product 'defect-free'. We ensure that all our products are physically and chemically fit for the end customer, with mandatory testing done at reputed agencies like ITS, SGS, TUV etc., Pilot run before production helps assess the possible defects that may arise in due course of production. AQL levels are followed at all stages as per the Client requirement.


Laboratories are an extremely valuable component of our services that facilitate smooth business transactions between manufacturers & exporters. Our laboratory services include to check colour matching as per the requirement, weight, dimensional stability, shrinkage, appearance after washing, colour fastness to washing and staining, rubbing.


We have well equipped with a team of dynamic youth professionals in our Research & Development to check & ensure with all the important parameters to give best quality standards for our customers.
All brands are especially manufacturing to the buyer's essential patterns, styles and producing the product with 100 % of customer’s satisfaction. To maintain our leading position in this intensely competitive market place, we undertake extensive R&D for product development and improvement on a continuous basis.
Our biggest driving force is undoubtedly our clientele. At every stage of the project, we work in close conjunction with them, making sure we live up to their expectations.
It is our clients who motivate us to set higher standards, scale greater heights.
We have our own lab facility with international standards to monitor the quality at different levels Yarn, Fiber, Shrinkage, spirality, Garment testing, color fastness.
The corner stone of our success, QUALITY - is of paramount importance to us in all our operations. We regularly update international standards and methods and through a strict regimen of quality checks & controls.
We maintain a consistency in the quality AQL 2.5 LEVEL , as given below…